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LTX Fusion HF
  • detailed configuration
    • 92 VX250 Digital Pins
    • 16M Vector Memory
    • Enhanced Central Time Measurement Unit
    • HiperPhase differential pin capability
    • Per Pin DC Parametric Unit
    • 8 CPS Power Channels
    • 2 100V DPS device power supplies
    • 1 HF test head
    • RS232 Production Control Interface
    • Parallel RS232 Serial and GPIB prober/handler interface
    • Sparc Ultra 2 300MHz Workstation 256MB Ram, 4GB hard drive, CD, floppy drive, 1024x1280 Creator Graphics, Solaris OS
    System is complete and was fully functional prior to shut down. Final calibration and diagnostic reports available.

    LTX Fusion HF

    System on a Chip test system
    PRICE Upon request
    ID# 90065
    Make LTX
    Model Fusion HF
    Class SOC ATE / Mixed Signal
    Status Crated
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