Secondary Market ATE Trading Helps Balance Capacity Levels

As a seasoned test professional, you’ve experienced many business cycles.  A quick look at the overall test capacity utilization in our industry clearly shows that while the frequency and amplitude of the cycles may vary, the fact that cycles continue to exist does not.  You know, too, that this average utilization data for the entire industry doesn’t always reflect the more dire realities of even lower localized utilization drops for that particular tester model or configuration, or for that set of tester options. That data also doesn’t reflect the challenge, even in a growing market, of adding the right test capacity, at the right time, and at the right price to match your revenues and margin targets.

TEAM A.T.E. wants to help you optimally balance your test capacity through those peaks and valleys in your device mix and loading of ATE.  One way we can help do that is by making the secondary equipment market a viable channel for adding or reducing your test capacity. In today’s global marketplace, remarketing and selling surplus equipment or finding needed secondary market equipment is time consuming, labor intensive, and risky. Working with ATE, in particular, requires expert knowledge of equipment specifications, configurations, markets and value. TEAM A.T.E. has the expertise and integrity to lower your risk of using the secondary market, enabling you to more optimally balance capacity levels.

A recent example reveals how we helped one customer source their needed test capacity entirely from the secondary market, meeting their configuration, timing, and cost goals.  In this case, through our global knowledge base of ATE demand and surplus, TEAM was able to source multiple, high-demand semiconductor test systems from Taiwan for a customer with a facility in the Philippines. Our engineering team installed the systems and reconfigured them to the customer’s specification with options, from channel cards to testhead manipulators, procured in part from our inventory and in part from the secondary market.  We also provided an upgrade of the tester computers to deliver the highest throughput offered by the ATE manufacturer, ensuring that the cost of this new capacity would be competitive for its new owner.

TEAM A.T.E. can do the same for you.  Whether you need to release idle test equipment or add new test capacity, just tell us what you have or need.  Our global team of experts will work to provide a solution that helps you optimally balance your capacity levels.

Dan Hamling
CTO and VP, Semiconductor Test Business