Business Is like Weather

As I write this on a Wednesday in Denver, Colorado  I can look out the window and see bright, sunny skies.  The temperature is in the mid 70’s and people are wearing shorts.  By Friday morning we are supposed to drop into the low to mid 30’s with a good chance of rain mixed with snow!  We all know the weather can change quickly, especially this time of year as summer gives way to fall.  I’ve come to learn (the hard way), to check the forecast and be prepared for these sudden changes.

Successful, growing companies do the same thing.  They analyze data, look at trends and forecasts, and make strategic decisions that hopefully capitalize on them.  In other words, they strategize and PLAN….wisely.  Too often we as individuals and as a group or company can often be “too busy” with day to day tasks to plan ahead.  Instead, we’re reactionary.  We find ourselves in the rain without an umbrella, or in my case, in the snow with a Honda Civic.  Neither one is a comfortable feeling.

As we prepare to head into Q4 we are already planning for year-end and into Q1 of 2015.  Most companies are looking at current capacity loads and forecasts, trying to determine when they will need more units of their current models of ATE, what they might anticipate will be surplus and where they may want to transition to new ATE models. This time of year budgets are being set.  Forecasts and pricing are just some of the important variables.  How many units require how much ATE capacity with what system configuration?   Not an easy process.  Can older systems be surplused to offset some the capital costs?  Can used ATE be found available with the configuration needed?  How will the OEM work with you on new pricing and licensing used systems?   We can help answer some of those questions, and we’ll do it in a straight forward manner.

The local forecasters are predicting that we should expect to have a cold, snowy winter.   Last year was relatively dry and for the most part, mild.  I’ve noticed that this seems to happen in cycles.  They aren’t always consistent and they aren’t always easy to accurately predict, but when viewed from a macro level these alternating cycles are evident.  It happens in our industry as well.  In a down market we’re waiting for the inevitable upturn….and when business is going strong we’re fearful of (and planning for) the inevitable slowdown.

The key is being prepared for these cycles.  TEAM A.T.E. helps our customers use market cycles and the used market to make capital equipment budgets go farther.  Would our insight be helpful to your planning process?  Making sound decisions comes from good market information and those decisions directly impact the success of your company.

As we all know, margins are tight and competition is strong.  Capital dollars must be spent…or saved, wisely.   If you want to discuss potential surplus due to slower segments of your business, or possible options for meeting higher capacity forecasts, let us know.  We will do our best to provide good information and attractive alternatives.  We know things can be unpredictable at times, but contact us and we will help you weather the storm.

Greg Wendell
Account Manager