Is This Your Busiest Time of the Year?

We can all take a collective but short-lived deep breath to recognize the end of the third quarter.  Okay, now stop relaxing and start planning for Q4 and into next year!

For TEAM A.T.E. and many of our customers, the period from September to November is often the busiest time of the year.  Production for the holiday season is going strong, equipment purchases are being made to meet last minute capacity increases, and planning is taking place to forecast the coming year needs and budget.   Just when you feel like you can relax a bit after closing out a quarter; the pressure is on to meet the next set of requirements and goals.

Why not let TEAM A.T.E. help you do just that?  Our management and employees are experts in used equipment values, marketability, and most importantly…availability.   We can often provide systems much more quickly than an OEM, even on some of the more desirable models.  Most of our systems are custom configured to match the customer’s requirement.  This saves you the time, cost and hassle of adding boards or options.  We can even provide installation and support if needed.

The used equipment market has changed dramatically over the last five or six years, for the good and bad.  For one, there are a lot more folks trying to sell you used equipment.  Sadly, too many of them often don’t know the industry or equipment well.  They aren’t providing a service; they are simply pushing a piece of equipment.  This is frustrating, for both you and us.

At TEAM A.T.E. we want to add value to a sale, foster a straight-forward and honest relationship, and most of all help our customers make the most efficient use of their capital dollars.   Personally, I don’t like to waste time and money or buy something that isn’t a good fit for what I need.  I suspect you don’t either.  If that is the case, call or email us.  We will give you straight and accurate answers.  We can quickly let you know if what you need is available on the used market, and a good budgetary number to work with.

As you deal with what can be your busiest time of the year, keep us in mind when equipment needs or surplus arise.  We hope you had a good Q3, and hope that we can help make your year-end even better.  At TEAM A.T.E. we may be busy, but never too busy to take the time to ask the right questions and provide you with information that will help you make informed and accurate decisions.   We like to think we are a little different here, and in a good way.  Let us prove it to you.

Kyle Schroeder