Balancing Pride and Humility

Pride is such a double-edged sword. Taking pride in your work can be a good thing, but having too much self-pride to be able to listen and learn can be a terrible flaw. Having too much pride to admit your mistakes while deflecting blame onto others is not the mark of good leadership.

Humility is a key ingredient for leadership. Having humility doesn’t mean a person lacks a strong resolve or the will to succeed. They may lack confidence at times, but real leaders inspire others to achieve and excel. When goals are obtained, strong leadership acknowledges the contributions of others and shares the credit.

These key traits of leadership are built on a foundation of integrity. To follow leadership, we must have faith in its integrity and ability to make ethical decisions.

At TEAM A.T.E. we try to follow these principles every day in our interactions with customers and each other. While taking pride in the products we deliver, we work with great resolve in each transaction to earn our customer’s trust. While we have many years of experience in these ATE markets, we also know we always have a lot to learn from our customers. Our operating principles of Creativity, Integrity and Performance have driven us for over 25 years. We hope that when your company needs to expand or shrink test capacity, the first step you take is to contact TEAM A.T.E.

To all our customers, we hope that your lives include many things to be especially thankful for this year. (Maybe like me, new grandchildren) To those customers in the United States, please accept our best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


Kyle Schroeder