Do You Need Flexibility in Your Quality Control Inspection Processes?

Are you looking for a versatile process inspection platform that can be used for incoming inspection, PCBA inspection or final assembly inspection? If so, look no further than the AmFax a3Di Laser Measurement Inspection System.

The a3Di (automated 3D inspection) is a laser measurement system that measures down to the micron level. The a3Di accomplishes this by using dual blue angled lasers to profile the item under inspection and then compares the results to the target CAD design data.

Today the a3Di is being used by customers to do BGA solder ball inspection. The a3Di is able to verify solder ball placement, solder volume, alignment to center of pad and check for missing solder balls.

One of our a3Di customers is using the system to measure PCBA’s in order to ensure they will fit into a semi-hermetically sealed casing that requires very tight, precise tolerances. Additionally, they use the system to inspect the internal mechanical dimensions of the two casing halves to verify they are properly machined to receive the PCBA.

The a3Di is also being used in final assembly inspection to verify that labels, support stiffeners, screws, washers, connectors and jumpers have all been properly assembled and there are no missing components.

a3Di Laser Measurement Inspection Solutions
Metrology level precision that’s beyond imaging analysis

If you are planning to attend the Apex Show in San Diego late next month, take a moment to stop by the Texmac booth (2932) and say hello. TEAM A.T.E. has been a business partner with Texmac for close to 10 years. We will be exhibiting the AmFax a3Di Laser Measurement System alongside the industry leading Takaya Flying Probe test systems. Come see a demo for yourself.

At TEAM A.T.E. we are always looking for those high demand tools and upgrades that are of interest to our customers. Our searches are focused and targeted to those users who have the equipment you use. As 2018 kicks-off, please keep us in mind to help fill your capital equipment needs. We can often help our customers save precious capital dollars by buying quality pre-owned test and inspection systems.

Mike Blackler
V.P. Sales & Marketing