Feets, Don’t Fail Me Now!

So what do you think of when you read this phrase?  For me, it’s being dragged out on the dance floor and hoping my feet will know what to do.  It’s being in one of those dreams where I can’t seem to run, my legs are too heavy and my feet are stuck in the mud.

This phrase has always made me smile.  It is believed to have originated in the African American community, during or after slavery.  Various musicians have used it as a title for albums, songs and videos.  While it seems to be in fun, it does include an element of fear, a contemplation of failure.

While I don’t want to minimize the importance of your feet and their impact on your health and happiness, we humans can be pretty adaptable.  However, there are a lot of systems and equipment we heavily rely on everyday, some that may not get much maintenance or have a set of spares.  How many of our customers have the budget to deal with common equipment failures on their test floor?

So, while TEAM A.T.E. might not be able to do much for your feet, we can help you maintain test systems with parts and support.  Check with us when those needs pop up and we’ll do our best to put those fears to rest.

Kyle Schroeder