Give Us Inspiration

Where does one acquire inspiration?  Does it appear as divine inspiration from some unknown source? Is it part knowledge and understanding, with a lot of persistence and determination thrown in?  Does it benefit from experience?  Writing this monthly article requires inspiration, which got me to thinking.

Excellent leadership inspires, in the same way poor leadership can destroy morale and innovation.  Certainly communicating a vision and inspiration people can get behind is a key measure of leadership.

Where does creative inspiration come from?  Does it come from within or from some outside influence?  Some might say artistic inspiration is something you’re born with but even the greatest talents have to find inspiration to truly create a masterpiece.  Maybe that is where divine inspiration comes in.

Where do you find inspiration in your everyday work?  This can be tough, but we all have parts of our work where we can strive to be creative and look for inspiration.  I have struggled with repetitive tasks at times and always looked for a better way to do things.  Automation will hopefully eliminate many repetitive tasks.  If so, will we make use of the time to be inspired and creative?

For myself, I’m often inspired by problems and the challenge of solving those issues.  Nothing pushes me into creativity mode more than trying to solve a problem for a customer.  No, we aren’t designing your latest electrical wonder or making your decisions on how to test it, but we are trying to give you realistic options that provide your company with economic benefits.

The more you discuss your problems and issues with us, the more you give us inspiration.  More experience and understanding of issues equals more inspiration and results in more creativity.  So let’s communicate with each other.  Hopefully together we can be inspired and create beautiful solutions!

Kyle Schroeder