May is the Month Of . . .

Fragrant lilacs….. Warmer days….. Spring cleaning….. The end of school….. New life….. Baseball games….. Gentle rains or in Colorado either a last gasp snow storm or a devastating hailstorm.

High school kids are dreaming about or going to proms.  Sports move outside to parks and ball fields.  May kicks off the season of marches, walks and running events for various causes.  In the US, May is National Barbecue Month, National Blood Pressure Month, National Stroke Month, National Military Appreciation Month and National Mental Health Awareness Month just to name a few.

May is the month of Mary.  She gets a whole month, not just a day.  Mother’s Day happens in May to honor all mothers.  That alone makes May special.

So what does this have to do with TEAM A.T.E.?  May for us is the month the truth comes out.  I can always tell if the year is going to be solid by May.  Reasonable activity that starts to grab hold in May is the sign of a good year.  May is also our anniversary month, which I sometimes forget.  I took over running TEAM A.T.E. 26 years ago on May 17th, 1991.  TEAM A.T.E. itself was started in 1986, but my group purchased the company when it was about 5 years old.

So as I’m reflecting on the past 26 years; my kids growing up, my wonderful wife who’s been with me for almost 38 years, grandchildren adding to the family, getting to work with a great group of employees and doing business around the world with integrity and creativity.  Please know how much we appreciate the trust our customers have put in us over this long haul.

Now, let’s get some traction with this activity and turn 2017 into a great year.  Contact us with your equipment needs, surplus lists and test/inspection issues.   We look forward to working with you.

Kyle Schroeder