Protecting My Piece of the Pie

As a business owner, entrepreneur and financier during periods of my career, I have always tried to take the approach of working with the right partners. By aligning goals, being straightforward in communications and building trust in these relationships, I have generally enjoyed successful collaborations. I have tried hard to avoid the approach of only looking out for myself.

When counseling businesses on taking on outside investment, I have told them to choose their new partners wisely, make sure they share the same goals and focus on building a bigger pie for all, not just protecting their slice.

With TEAM A.T.E., we have taken a similar approach with our customers trying to work with them in a way that is creative, fair and consistent. Some customers may not appreciate this, but most do and often they are the ones we enjoy working with the most.

In a world that seems to be jumping from crisis to crisis, maybe backing up and looking at the big picture can help. We are all in this together. We can’t just think about ourselves. How do we make things work better for all of us?

Let’s make a bigger pie. Let us know how we can help.

Kyle Schroeder