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Amfax a3Di
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Metrology is the scientific study of measurement, it is expected to enforce, validate and verify predefined standards for traceability, accuracy, reliability, and precision.
    • 3D Metrology provides precise, accurate, reliable, repeatable laser measurements on all of a PCBA's mechanical attributes including solder joints with near zero false calls. Optical inspection uses subject image comparison where light, color variations, foreign objects and board warpage can all impact image quality which leads to false failures being generated, if tolerances are opened to minimize false failures, then defect escapes typically increase.
    • The a3Di allows the user to select one of three programmable standards IPC-610-1, -2, -3, or to use custom customer defined tolerances.
    • Any market that demands high quality, high reliability performance like Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Medical, Military and Storage. The extremely quick programming times and near zero false calls also make the a3Di a great choice for New Product Introduction or any design and build environment where First Article Inspection is required.
    • The a3Di has inspected product in high volume manufacturing environments without issues. It is always taking 3D measurements and does not slow down to do so. Speed can vary based on the resolution (number of measurements taken in a given space), but speed has not been an issue in PCBA inspection.
    • An ODB++ file exported from your CAD system with complete design detail. This is then converted on the a3Di system into a perfect 3-Dimensional mechanical representation of your printed circuit board assembly with all of the component packages in their exact locations. This 3D model is what all PCB's are expected to conform to during inspection. This perfect 3D mechanical representation of the PCBA now becomes the all elusive golden board.
    • The a3Di comes in several configurations, one is a high speed in-line post reflow system, there is a standard in-line system also post reflow. There is an off-line stand-a-lone system with an engineering drawer used for a wide range of inspection tasks from PCBA's to mechanical devices like sockets, connectors, BGA's, stacked BGA's, to do solder profiling, and solder paste inspection.
    • By taking precise 3D measurements, the a3Di is capable of verifying position and Z-axis planarity of devices with hidden leads. Packages will fail if the expected "package drop" from reflow is not uniform and consistent with program parameters.
    • The a3Di has been inspecting passive devices <01005 and smaller on the surface of the surrounding substrate. We have not yet seen PCBAs that are beyond its resolution and measurement accuracy.
    • While the a3Di platform was originally designed for printed circuit boards assemblies, it's measurement accuracy and resolution goes down to the micron level thereby allowing the inspection of a variety of semiconductor assemblies. The flexibility and accuracy in the a3Di's measurement system allows for a broad range of applications.

    Amfax a3Di

    The a3Di is a new inspection tool designed and built in Great Britain by Amfax Limited. This innovative 3-Dimensional laser metrology system accurately profiles a PCBA and all of its components to validate the completed assembly against the 3D CAD design model. The a3Di system is unaffected by component types, PCB color, lighting, height, position or board warpage ensuring accurate and repeatable measurement inspection results with near zero false calls.

    Interested in taking your printed circuit board assembly operations to the next level of quality? The a3Di utilizes absolute 3D measurements to inspect your PCBA’s. Metrology precision in PCBA inspection can help you eliminate process defects; defects you might not know are there. While the a3Di finds more true defects, its precision and measurement based programming limit false calls and the need for human intervention.

    The a3Di provides extensive process data to feed an SPC system the information required to quickly verify and validate that your assembly operations can pass a customer quality audit with minimal data collection effort. Quality processes start with accurate inspections.

    a3Di inspection programs are generated from CAD (ODB++ files), they are typically debugged and green-lighted in a few hours. If all of component models are resident in the a3Di library, then programming can be completed in less than 1 hour.