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Teradyne SP8852e
  • detailed configuration
    • (16) CC2A Channel Cards for 2,048 non-multiplexed channels
    • PRISM high speed analog instrument
    • VP / VXI digital instrument with 32MB centralized pattern memory
    • DeltaScan, FrameScan Plus and CapScan Vectorless testing
    • One Functional Interface Board, MINI-FIB
    • Standard VXI/MXI 2 cards, one per cage, plus VP extender for rear cage
    • (1) 5V@36A / 24V@2A / 24V@2A programmable DUT PS
    • Programmable dual vacuum valves
    • Spectrum PC controller, LCD monitor, LCD swing arm, keyboard, Bosch computer rack
    • Software License: Core, APG, ILDP, Multiscan and ISP programming license.
    System comes with Calibration certificates, standard accessories, shorting plate, vacuum hoses and manual set on CD-ROM. A 90 Day Repair Exchange Warranty is included.

    Teradyne SP8852e

    Factory Reconditioned Teradyne Spectrum 8852e Test System. High Density Fixture Receiver, pre-wired for 2,560 channels.
    PRICE Upon request
    ID# 89053
    Make Teradyne
    Model SP8852e
    Class In-Circuit Test / ICT
    Vintage 6/1998
    Warranty Warranty ?
    Status Operational ?
    Available 7/1/2014
    Terms EXW Origin ?
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