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Pre-Owned A.T.E.  

TEAM A.T.E. is an international leader in the pre-owned ATE and inspection markets. Since 1986, TEAM has tracked systems used by printed circuit board and semiconductor manufacturers and worked to meet their purchase and surplus needs.

TEAM A.T.E. will purchase selected surplus assets for inventory, sometimes sell systems “as is,” or add value through a reconfiguring or refurbishing process.

TEAM A.T.E. can provide a surplus asset sales process or simply add value to your existing processes by channeling more end-user demand.

TEAM A.T.E.’s global reach means your buy and sell needs are not just focused on the local market—the worldwide market is being put to work for you.

A key to TEAM A.T.E.’s approach is trying to fully understand customer needs. Creative solutions such as capacity sharing, system and option rentals, rent-to-own structures and leases are only some of the solutions we have provided our customers over the years.

TEAM A.T.E. tracks and makes a market across a broad range of equipment categories, including:

Semiconductor Test
  • SOC ATE / Mixed Signal
  • Memory ATE
  • Wafer Prober
  • Chip Handler
  • Parametric Test
  • Laser Repair / Trim
  • Linear & Discrete ATE
Board Test
  • In-Circuit Test / ICT
  • Process Inspection
  • - AOI
    - AXI
  • Flying Probe Test
  • Functional Board Test
  • Bare-Board Test
Rep Products  
As a leader in the pre-owned ATE market with extensive customer relationships around the world, TEAM A.T.E. encounters test and inspection requirements that are not being fully addressed by the market’s major OEMs. These situations urge TEAM A.T.E. to bring new products to the market that meet these requirements, including the a3Di laser inspection system. In the coming months, TEAM A.T.E. will present more information on this exciting new product for PCB assembly inspections.

If you are a company developing interesting products for the ATE and Inspection markets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

TEAM A.T.E. also sells products for major ATE OEMs in specific geographic territories in North America and Asia. In addition, we work the pre-owned side of product lines around the world. Some of our key alliances include:

Parts / Support  
Although TEAM A.T.E. has not tried to replace OEM field service, we do offer products and services to help support customers using ATE and inspection systems for many manufacturers and models, we can provide refurbishment services, upgrade options, and parts support. Parts may be available for outright purchase, exchange/repair or just straight repair.

As TEAM A.T.E. refurbishes systems, parts often quickly become available or are consumed into other systems. Let us know what parts you’re interested in, and hopefully we can plan our sourcing and consumption in a way that allows us to make parts available to your company.

TEAM A.T.E. has provided straight refurbishing services, local troubleshooting, and repair, as well as upgrades, calibrations and maintenance. We do not maintain a worldwide field service organization, but we may be able to help your company depending on its location and specific needs.

Please see our parts listings on this website and let us know what you are looking for; unfortunately, not all parts are listed on this site.

Value-Added Services  
TEAM A.T.E.’s secondary market knowledge and customer relationships are at the core of what we do, but we also know the test and inspection process and can provide expert consultation on:
  • Test development strategies
  • Capacity management strategies
  • ATE upgrade and migration path
  • Equipment financing structures
  • Surplus disposal
  • Secondary market management
  • Equipment valuation and appraisal

We are always open to discussing issues, problems and needs with our customers. We won’t try to charge consulting fees unless we are providing you a solution. Like everything else with TEAM A.T.E., we take an open and straight-forward approach.